GT LIMO Gold Coast

Australia’s Wildest Ever Limousines, the Vermillion Fire GT LIMO can carry six passengers in comfort and style. With six functioning doors and 2 extra rear facing GT bucket seats, you can experience a classic ride with the GT LIMO Gold Coast and the Gold Coast Hinterlands.

Come and experience a classic ride in our GT LIMO’s.

Our GT LIMO’s are fully air conditioned, they have a nice strong note, equipped with 351 Cleveland V8 coupled to a factory T-Bar shifter so they have the power to pull a train.

The GT Limousine is everything the Ford Motor Company would have built had the GT Limo ever gone into production.

• Air conditioned for Summer
• Heated for those cooler days
• Sunroof
• Full Luxury Leather Seating
• Legendary 351 V8 Engines
• Luxury Black Original GT Interiors
• Red GT Limousine seats 6 passengers / White GT Limousine seats 7 passengers


GT LIMO – Gold Coast – Gallery